• another world

    From Rich D@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 19 15:46:38 2022
    So I voyaged to a parallel reality last month, to planet Htrae.

    It was their year 1967, counting planetary orbits since
    the mythical birth of their dominant deity. In the town of
    Looprevil, Dnalgne, there appeared a new band, calling
    themselves the Beetles (as Crickets was already taken).

    The Beetles played clubs, but had no recordings, or any
    pop hits, practically unknown. But they were a creative
    youthful quartet, so they dived into a studio, and
    produced an album, "Corporal Peppers Lonely Hearts
    club band"

    They were cute, with matching mop haircuts, and wore
    archaic gaudy military outfits on the cover.

    I left just as that was published. How was it received,
    and what happened to them, careerwise?


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