• Harrison Finale For The Beatles' Fourth Album

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    In my book on the "Beatles For Sale" album, there was some drama around the recording of "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" during a nine-hour marathon session on 18 October 1964. George Harrison felt he was being passed over as lead guitarist on "I'll
    Follow The Sun," and his objection earned him the attempt at the solo.

    Then after a break, Harrison was up to record "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" as a live performance, doing the lead vocal and lead guitar work, subjected to their tape delay and echo combination - the result was so impressive only a single take was
    required, plus overdubbing for tambourine and double-tracking a section of Harrison's lead vocal.

    The song was originally written by Griffin, recording a hillbilly version in 1936; it had a ragtime update by Newman in 1938 with racy lyrics; then became country-blues by Thompson in 1950. The Carl Perkins rockabilly version from 1956 was done when
    Perkins was recuperating from auto collision injuries.

    The Beatles' version drew on Perkins' effort, combined with elements of his original hit "Blue Suede Shoes, with complex formatting - the second instrumental break doubles the length of the first, from twelve bars to twenty-four:

    << Its articulation seems to reach an emotive peak as the second half commences, resolving in further unique phrases until returning to a repeat of the ending of the first instrumental break... >>

    The lead guitar notes are later transcribed for that second instrumental break:

    << ...a different monologue is implied, with an understandable fever pitch at the midway point -

    'There was an earthquake -
    People were shaken,
    People were shaken,
    People became frightened,
    People got scared:

    That's when they regretted
    All the Evil done

    That's when - THEY REGRETTED IT -

    When The Earth Rocked And Shook -
    From A Great Tremor

    The trembling -
    Made them think -
    God was angry:

    Jerusalem Had
    An Earthquake!' >>

    The Beatles devised a false ending with a final guitar flourish as an outro all their own, whose auditory transcription into verbal equivalent confirms the allusion to the double earthquake that shook Jerusalem when Jesus was physically taken down from
    The Cross, by continuing the story with what became of the Temple curtain. A portion of that curtain had been prepared by His Mother Mary, before being betrothed to Joseph. One can easily hear the strong, dissonant closing chord used as approximating a
    voice shouting,



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