• Beatles Abbey Road Medley - Cover by Emily Linge, Sina, Cara Vel & Mano

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    Beatles Abbey Road Medley - Cover by Emily Linge, Sina, Cara Vel & Manou Rao

    Very good!

    on YouTube 9 okt 2020

    Emily Linge:
    This Beatles - Abbey road Medley is one of my favorite collaborations
    with Sina, Cara Vel and Manou!
    What a day to launch it - John Lennon would have turned 80!
    The whole world misses you John!

    Emily Linge · Vocals, Piano
    Cara Vel · Vocals, Vocal Arrangement, Guitar
    Manou Rao · Guitar
    Rick Benbow · Orchestral Arrangement, Keyboards
    Ian Watts · Bass
    Sina · Drums

    One of the comments.......


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    Hi Emily! (Mega-review)...

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Oh Wow! This is absolutely mind blowing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Performing a
    Beatles medley on John's Lennon's birthday is a great tribute! -- and
    what more could you want?! 😃 As soon the video started with you on the piano and I heard your warm vocals; it put a huge smile on my face!
    Emily; you sound fantastic! Your vocals are irresistible! The Beatles
    are my favorite band and you have Chiara; Sina and friends, doing this incredible medley collaboration! Plus there is an Orchestral
    Arrangement! 🎵 🎶 🎼

    At 0:15 with, ♫ "Once there was a way; to get back home"♪, gave me goosebumps. I simply cannot believe how good you are! Once again, your
    vibrato control is perfect! At 0:23 I love how you slide into your
    head-notes: ♫ "sleep pretty darling"♪. 🎤

    Then at 0:23 it happens... Sina; Chiaro & friends come in! Woah! This is
    such a massive performance happening here! Emily it is such a great
    impression to see you putting your emotion into the song! You are
    performing like a true professional. I'm still pinching myself at how
    awesome this video is that I'm witnessing here!❗️🙂 At 0:57 you give eye contact, giving audience recognition as you sing: ♫ "And I will sing a lullaby"♪. Plus how sweet your singing expression is with "lullaby-eee". Beautiful.! 😊

    You haven't got the lyrics up in the video description. So I assume with
    all the information already up there; and that everyone know's the words
    off by heart; there was no need. Now at 1:08 a nice split screen with
    you and Sina! How awesome is this! Seeing you two together again. From
    1:09 to 1:18, you can tell Sina is holding back a smile, as she is
    enjoying the collaboration performance so much! (Sina does not usually
    smile whilst performing; but this is simply too much fun with her
    talented friends!) 👩 🎤 🎹 🎸

    Get ready for it..... Wham! 1:32 ♫ "Boy, you're gonna carry that
    weight"♪. And how awesome are the harmonies on ♫ "carry that weight"♪.
    It really fattens up the sound for this dynamic part of the song. It
    would have been interesting to hear those fat harmonies on the whole
    line starting from; "Boy, you're gonna carry that weight". However I
    love this arrangement; and what I like about it is, how the strength in
    your voice on "Boy..." holds it own to carry the line! ("carry that
    weight"... what a coincidence) 😁

    We get a bonus, (for example at 1:45) as we see you dancing and getting
    into the groove of this classic song Medley. What a challenge this is,
    to take on a "Beatles" song and get away with delivering a spectacular performance! Also, how cool is this: to see Emily; Sina & Chiara, all on
    the split screen at once. (Just a quick word here to your Mum,
    Christine; is you must be so proud and excited with this outstanding collaboration!! I bet you're thrilled!) 👍 😊

    Also through this section Emily, I like how you give occasional eye
    contact at the camera while you're dancing! I note too, how you've got
    the head-phones slightly popped on your right ear, so as to give
    yourself auditory feedback! (George Harrison often did this when doing harmonies). It's worth mentioning that Sina is doing some fine drumming,
    with quality use of the toms and drum fills. She's balancing it
    perfectly throughout the whole medley! At 1:55 it goes full screen to
    Sina as we hear the orchestra cut in. 🎶 🎼 Then at 2:08, Chiara comes
    in with electric guitar! Fine playing too by Chiara and I like how she
    bends some of the notes effectively in that mini-solo! 🎸

    Emily; I've said this a few times previously in my comments; and that's
    how awesome would it be to hear you one day with a full backing track
    like this? Can you imagine how happy I am to hear you do it on a Beatles number! Wow! How cool! 😎

    Now in the section at 2:28, ♫ "And in the middle of celebration"♪, there
    is some terrific harmonies. Plus at 2:31, I simply adore the way you
    sing ♫ "celebration"♪. You aren't just singing; you are performing! 🎤 There's a nice drum fill by Sina at 2:29 between singing phrases! (and
    at also 2:55).

    At 3:00, we have a new guitarist "Manou" come join in! Then at 3:09
    "Wow! let's rock!!" Sina really gets into it now with her drumming and
    if you look carefully at 3:19 she has a big smile on her face whilst
    doing the drum fill. 🙂 At 3:20, Woah go Emily!! with; ♫ "Oh yeah alright.."♪. Then at 3:29, Sina steals the spot-light with the mini drum solo! She adds her own little style and touch to this section. At 3:51,
    Wow! what a big sound with: ♫ "love you, love you!"♪. Then at 4:03
    Emily's YouTube channel gets lit up with an electrifying performance of
    guitar by Manou and Chiara! 🎸🎸 🔊 This video is really rocking!!! Is this really Emily Linge's channel? Wahoo!! This is so super cool and
    pumping! Everything gels so well. This medley is really blitzing!!! 👍

    Now back to you Emily at 4:39 ♫ "And in the end.."♪; then such gorgeous sweet singing on ♫ "the love you take"♪. Your vocals are so pure and
    clean. Simply stunning! Then as the song finishes, you give a wonderful acknowledgement and smile at 5:09. ....Hey! we're not done yet; as
    Chiara appears at 5:18 with "Her Majesty" (nice playing). I like how the
    video suddenly ends, to reinforce the music and the way Paul McCartney
    finished it, as it appears on the Abbey Road record! 📀

    Finally, I note also, that this video is on Sina's channel as well. This
    is going to be such good exposure for you Emily and a huge credit to
    yourself! Sina also has links on her channel about you! I am so proud of
    you with your outstanding performance here. Such a phenomenal video! You
    sure are a star in the making! 😊

    In conclusion...
    The way this video has been put together so seamlessly, is in by itself
    a great feat! Also, whoever did the video editing and mixing, did an
    incredible and professional job! The performances by all musicians was super-superb; and dear Emily; your part as lead vocal was a gold star performance! Your vocals are so rich and addictive! I bet you enjoyed
    this big-time! 😃

    ⭐️ This Beatles medley is sensational. ⭐️ Such a brilliant collaboration. Wow!❗️

    This video is going to be SO talked about!!!

    PS: How long did it take to put this collaboration together?



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