• Congraduation's Hershel Walker!!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 6 08:21:48 2022
    Hershil Walke4 scored a Maja victory
    Its cos he was endorsed by Trump you see

    Christine Amanpoor is realy a man
    Most of the 'people's are reptilian

    Wanna see a hokes? Its Covid 19
    The guvmint spies on you with that 'vackseen'

    The moon landin was FAKED by Stanley Kubrick
    Don't listen ta Fow-chee cuz he is SICK

    THE EARTH is flat, don't ever set sale
    Stay in the Stella to avoid the Chemtrales!

    Trumps tacks returns show perfect wealth
    I'm the embniement of mental health

    The GeNiOUs

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