• :Lets End The Constitushin%...A GENOUS POEM by fAmUss Amos

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 5 11:08:00 2022
    Le'ts end the constitushin, lets do it real soon
    Lest p-lace our faith in Putin and Kim Jung Oon

    Lets end the constitushin is was written by libb's
    Lets discard it at wunce not in drabs and dribb's

    Lets end the constitooshin it will be for the best
    My next veep peep may be Conyay Wes't

    If we burn the constituutchin we will here 'hurrah's!
    I didnt know who Nick Fuentes was

    To burn the constitootchin is out intent
    A jury fount the Oaf Keepa's inno-cent!!

    Lets kill the constitottchin in the flame's it will bern
    No one will eva see my tack's returns!!

    Lets end the constituion it will be tared and molled
    Or else I gun-na thow my dinner on the woll!!

    Le'ts end the constituion i'ts just a buncha bull

    famous amss

    Bess poem ever writen....I'm also the jenius of music.....also I thinkin of running fer president in Greenland aftir Trump buy's it....which he wuill dew very soon after hes resinatated and Biden is behead on nashnill TV then sent to spend the rester his
    day's at Guantimo....

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