• Camille Paglia On Yoko's Influence on John

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 5 07:06:35 2022
    For 30 years, I've been struggling with my hostility to Yoko Ono. I have tried to get over it. I thought the murder of John Lennon would help. It hasn't.

    I have so many resentments against Yoko Ono, the number one being that she stripped away from John Lennon his brilliant British sense of humor -- the surrealistic kind of writing and pranksterism that came from Lewis Carrol via Oscar Wilde. Yoko
    thought it was silly. She never understood it. She imposed a kind of moralism or political correctness on John that really, I think, crushed his originality.

    -- Camilla Paglia, from the JL: Love Is All You Need doc

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