• Yoko Guiding the Imagine Sessions

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 4 03:53:10 2022
    "Our office was jumping with talk of what had gone on during the Imagine sessions. It seems all of the musicians' parts had been written out, and Yoko kept telling the musicians that they could not deviate from the scores. It was hardly the way pros
    like Nicky Hopkins liked to work. George Harrison, in particular, was dismayed by Yoko's attempt at control. We heard that when he wasn't recording, George would go into the billiards room and mutter about her to whomever was hanging out. At another
    point, as John was about to record "Imagine," the album's title track, Yoko reportedly demanded that Nicky Hopkins and not John play the keyboards. 'Nicky is a better piano player than you are, John,' Yoko told him in front of the other musicians. John
    brushed aside her suggestion and insisted on playing the piano on "Imagine" himself, and he did."

    -- May Pang, quoted from Loving John

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