• McCartney On Lennon's Paranoia

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    Q: [John] Seems to have been fairly paranoid.

    McCartney: I think so. He warned me off Yoko once: "Look, this is my chick!" just because he knew my reputation. We knew each other fairly well. I just said, "Yeah, no problem." But I do think he ought to have known I wouldn't. That was John; he
    was just a jealous guy. He was a paranoid guy. And he was into drugs...heavy. He was into heroin, the extent of which I hadn't realized till just now.

    -- McCartney, quoted in a Musician Magazine interview from October of 1986.

    He is absolutely right about the drugs/Yoko/paranoia connection.

    However, how come McCartney had not realized the extent of Lennon's heroin addiction until that point? Who, I wonder, had he been talking to?

    Meanwhile, the statement implies that Lennon was unaware that Yoko had pursued McCartney first -- only to be rebuffed and referred (by McCartney) to Lennon.

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