• Paul, George, and "the Bert Weedon Books"

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Fri Dec 2 11:24:35 2022
    McCartney stated in a 1980s interview that George was his original mate in the Beatles; that they had obtained guitars at about the same time and gone through "the Burt Weedon books."

    Burt Weedon was an acclaimed British guitarist of who published a guitar instruction book in the late 1950s called Play in a Day. The book was extremely well-received, and Weedon published a follow-up, Play Every Day.

    Many other famous British guitarists -- including Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, and Brian May -- have cited these books as influences.

    It would be interesting to locate these books and see, e.g., if they explain the B7 chord. McCartney liked to tell the story that he and John learned took two bus rides across town so that somebody could show them the B7 chord. If he had been through
    at least two guitar instruction books, that would obviously cast doubt on the tale of two bus trips.

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