• Barbara Graustark-Lennon Interview Excerpt

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    BG: For years, the music industry made you feel that your creative life had ended with the Beatles. Did that make you afraid to take risks?

    JL: What I did in the past five years was to discover that I was John Lennon before the Beatles and I would be John Lennon after the Beatles, and so be it.

    The actual moment when I remembered who I was, completely, not in glimpses, I was in a room, in Hong Kong, because Yoko had sent me on a trip around the world by myself, and I hadn't done anything by myself since I was twenty! I didn't know how to
    call for room service, check into a hotel, if anybody reads this, they think "Those [expetive] artists!" or "Those bloody pop stars!" and they don't understand the *pain* of being a freak.

    -- from Graustark's 1980 interview with Lennon

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