• 'I Dont Know Who Nick Fuentes" Is.....by FaMoUs AmOs!!!""

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 29 06:59:35 2022
    I dont know who Nick Fuentes is
    Why did he meet me?? I'ts nunna yo biz!!

    I dont know who Nick Fuentes was
    Whyd he come hear?? For the hamburgas

    I dont know whoo Nick Fuentes mite bee
    My meetin witf him its a bigg mistery

    I dont know where Nick Fuentes will Go
    How did he make it to Marillago???

    I dont know what Nick Fuentes like's
    I just know he dont care fer no Kike's!!

    Why would I wand Fuentes ferra fend??
    Cuz he say's the Haulcost never happened!!

    fAmOuS Anus!!

    Let's see Thomas Yate's top that MASTIPEACE!!

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