• Marcia Raubach Recalls Meeting George in '63

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    According to George Harrison's sister Louise,, the first US radio station to play the Beatles' records regularly was WFRX in Illinois. This station had a program called "Saturday Session" whose target audience was teenagers. The program was hosted by
    Marcia Raubach, who was 17 years old in 1963.

    George Harrison came to the US in 1963 to visit his sister, and he made a point of visiting the WFRX offices to thank Raubach for playing the Beatles' records. The following is quoted directly from a chapter of the book "Before He Was Fab: George
    Harrison's First American Visit":

    "When she arrived at the station, Raubach recalls, George Harrison was very excited about the car she was driving, It was her father's black 1959 Oldsmobile Delta 88 with tail fins. 'He really looked it over; he asked me if it was my car,' she
    said. 'I told him "no," but he was really impressed with it. He was impressed with a lot of things.

    "Marcia recalls Harrison as being 'very, very clean-cut,' wearing a white shirt, jeans, and brown sandals. 'But I thought that was a little unusual,' she said. 'The guys here, they didn't wear brown sandals. So, he was dressed a little
    differently.' And she couldn't help but notice his hair. 'Of course, the hair was the thing; it wasn't really long hair because the boys here wear DAs,' she said. 'But he had so much in his face with those bangs.' Another immediate reaction was that
    he was 'so thin.'

    "Raubach said she found the young British musician to be 'really soft-spoken and almost hesitant to ask questions.' She said, 'It was almost like he waited for you to make the first move in the conversation and give the input.' Her interview with
    George Harrison, Raubach estimated, lasted only about 15 to 20 minutes, after she gave him a tour of the station and its studio. But no tape of the interview was made, although Peter filmed it all on a home movie camera. 'So somewhere out there, a film
    of that interview exists,' she said, 'bur who knows where?"

    "George told the teenaged deejay that all of the Beatles were 'do-it-yourselfers'; they did all of the musical arrangements and background. 'Really, this was their music; nobody did it for them,' she said. George also told her about the group's
    personal appearances in England, 'where they were getting mobbed all the time over there. She said, 'I could believe it as far as England went, but I never thought it was going to happen over here.'"

    [End of excerpt.]

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