• Thingg's Are Lookin Up For Trump!!! A GENIOUS poem by the Famouss One!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 25 07:47:12 2022
    Thingg's are lookin up for Donald Trump
    On the cam=pane trale he soon gunna stump

    His tacks return's never gunna be scene
    He never bribed Stormie Daniel's that would be mean

    Thi8ngg's are lookin up for Doanld Trump
    Afta his speech the pole's showe'd a bump

    His thurd presdennce is gonna be grate
    He gonna espouse the Deep State

    Thingg's are looki9n up for Donald Trump
    On Peppronie Pizza he becomed quite plump

    He neva eggzagrated nun o his wealth
    He neva had Corvid he in prefect health

    Thingg's ate loomkin up for Donald Trump
    Hes gropein Ivanka by the pussy and rump

    His pal Putins a prop at keepin the po,llice
    The Prout Boy's is gonbna kill lotsa police!!

    Thuing's are lookin up for Doanld TrumpIn his own pance hes knowe'd to take a dump
    Off the flat earth the libb's wi9ll get shove'd
    With Kim Jong Onion he has fallen in LOVEW!!

    fAmOuSS AmuSS!!!!

    Le'ts see Thomas Hottie beat that one111####$$$

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