• Pleaee Donald...Suppote Hershel Walka!!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 22 06:31:54 2022
    Hershel Walka asking fer Trumps suppote
    Cos if he gits that he gunna win the vote

    Hershel Walka is rekwest8n Trumps endorse
    Cos iffe gits that he gunna win of course

    With Trumps AIDS hell give Wurnicl the AX
    Aftawid's feast on a pile of Big Max

    At Trumps side he be pumping hus fist
    Hell espouse Wurnick as a Satinist

    The whole potty begging Trump ta be engaged
    Proud Boys standing by to esprex there RAGE

    Trump instills the Republicumm potty with leide!!
    Please Donald give HersheY that piGGIE BACK RIDE!!!!

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