• I Am A Victum'....by Famuss Amos!!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 19 06:39:48 2022
    I am a victim of Joe Biden
    It's fromm me he stole the eleckshin

    I am a victim of DeSantis
    If not four me he'd wouldn't be where he is

    I am the victim of Mike pence
    Proud boy's will killim, throw his corpse on a fence

    I am a victim of merit garland
    It's all a Wish-Hunt Doncha understand

    I am am the victim of Kamillah
    She victimed me it was the finally straw

    I am the victim of the lamwstrean news
    They say my clouds shrunk , I'm not amussed

    I am the victim of Nancy Pillowsi
    She cuddy stopped the ryits easily
    I am the victim and it gives me gall
    I gunna throw my Dinna on the Wall!!!!!!++!@//_///__

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