• Do the Freddie -- And Die!

    From super70s@21:1/5 to All on Mon Nov 7 05:52:27 2022
    Last night Freddie & The Dreamers were one of the bands on Ed Sullivan's
    Rock & Roll Memories show on MeTV (along with the Beatles doing "Twist &
    Shout" in their second appearance on the Really Big Shoe).

    Freddie & The Dreamers did "Do The Freddie" and I can see why that next
    dance craze never took off; I'm surprised Freddie and the whole band
    (minus the drummer) didn't pass out from exhaustion after doing what
    amounted to 2:08 (as my Rhino British Invasion series tells me) straight
    of jumping jacks.

    That laugh of Freddie's was hilarious, he was a wildman back then. Must
    have wanted to be the UK's answer to Buddy Holly with those big rimmed

    After the number Ed motions him over and makes some joke about British pronunciation with Freddie that falls pretty flat.

    Always liked "I'm Telling You Now" though and to a lesser extent "You
    Were Made For Me."

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