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    Pattie Boyd, who's releasing a new book of her photographs in late
    December, has been given a 4 page spread in the current issue of People magazine.

    Here's the last few paragraphs:

    Her husband's (George's) infidelities were becoming more frequent and
    less discreet, and Boyd left him for Clapton in 1974. Harrison's
    response was shockingly good-natured. "He said, 'I'm glad you're going
    off with Eric instead of some idiot.'" George started to playfully refer
    to himself as the "husband-in-law," and the three celebrated Christmas
    together that year. "Just because things didn't work out as we planned,
    it didn't diminish our love for each other," says Boyd, who married
    Clapton in 1979.

    Harrison dropped in on Boyd shortly before his death in 2001. "It was
    lovely to see him, but I knew he wasn't well," she remembers. As they
    talked in the garden, he noticed a few stray flowers shaking in the
    breeze. "The flowers are shivering," he said -- an observation that she
    says stuck with her. "Only George would think flowers shiver." It was
    the last time they saw each other.

    Boyd and Clapton divorced in 1989 (she's been marred to property
    developer Rod Weston since 2015), but their relationship remains warm.
    They crossed paths earlier this year and exchanged hugs. And the song he
    wrote for her ("Layla") still fills her with pride whenever she hears
    it. "It's thrilling," she says. "It's my song."

    A sidebar in the article, on "Something":

    She was one of the first people to hear "Something," the future Beatles
    classic written specifically for her: "I thought, 'Oh gosh, this is
    totally overwhelming,'" she recalls.

    And on meeting Frank Sinatra:

    In 1968 the Harrisons were invited to watch Frank Sinatra record the
    song "My Way," which he did in a single take. "I thought, 'My God, the
    Beatles do the same song over and over," remembers Boyd. "How can Frank
    do it in one?'"

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