• "Hershel Walker Won..." Genious Poem by FaMoS aMuSs

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 23 11:58:34 2022
    Hershel Walker won when he flasered his badge
    Wish I had a one a those in my gurradge

    Hershel Walker one, cuz buy Trump he was endorced
    If Biden tries to steel this one wel'l fight back with force!!!!

    Hershey Walka won, so present him with a crown
    Just like in his socker daze he scoured a touchdown!!

    Hardshell Walker one, he's got integgritty
    Abortio'n's immorel fetuses have dignitty

    Hersey Winker one, hes devotered to the Church
    Into the deep state his immoral rivel's lursh

    Heshey Walker 1, his opponent's all got trownced
    When he flash his LEE-JIST badge my poles begin to bounce

    Hershey Wanker won, just like on the Football feel
    Hell help Trump get resintatered, espouse Bidens Steel!!!!

    fAmUs AnUs

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