• May Pang's Introduction to the Dakota

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    In her book Loving John, May Pang explained that the Lennons' attorney Harold Seider obtained a suite in the Dakota that had previously been that of Robert Ryan for them. She says:

    After they moved in February of 1973, I was assigned to work in the Dakota full-time. On the first day I went to work, Yoko showed me the apartment. Double doors opened into a sitting area that led to a large living room. Yoko decided that one of
    the many bedrooms would be converted into a huge closet for her clothes. There were three more bedrooms, a small room that would serve as an office, a main dining room, a butler's pantry, and a large kitchen, as well as numerous bathrooms.

    "Isn't this a great place?" she asked. "I found it myself."

    "It's a beautiful apartment," I said. "I know you'll be happy here."

    Yoko stared out the window. When she spoke, she seemed to be addressing Central Park.

    "Our life here is doomed," she said quietly. She lit a Kool. "A few nights ago, John and I went to a party. John got drunk. Very drunk." Yoko shook her head to emphasize the point. "He went into a bedroom and fucked a girl while I was in the
    other room. Everyone knew."

    I said nothing. I was very uncomfortable. Neither of us aid anything. Yoko got up and stared down at Central Park. She mumbled, "I did primal therapy with him. I watched him go back to his childhood. I know his deepest fears."

    -- from Loving John

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