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    On Monday, June 4, 2007 at 4:17:06 PM UTC-4, Mistah Charlie wrote:
    Fokes, I blieve it's Monday. Monday, first day of the week, a time
    fer new beginnins. And I feel...hold on sompin's not rite...what was
    it? Oh yeah.
    Ahhhhhhh. That's better. I just put my cape on.
    Now where was I? Oh yeah, new beginnins. Fokes, I blieve it's a time
    of change...both for the world itself and for yours truely. Ya see,
    I'm sneakin up on the big ole 6-0. And on toppa that, I gots myself
    quite a busy, active, challengin offline life these days. (Ever tried
    to smoke 2 lids of the finest medcal marijuaners a day?)
    So you can prolly figger outs where I'm goin wif dis. Today's a day
    of sollim announcements, where I will announce many things, changes in
    my own life which will affect us all...and the course of our belovered Rec.Music.Beatles. So sit back, put on some Beatles, smoke 'em if you
    got 'em (assuming there's any left ferda restoya), and give your
    beloved Ole Mista Charlie a lissens.
    Fokes, I'm plannin on retirin from the group. So this post, and mebbe
    a few follerups, represents one last wavin of the cape, one last tip o
    the ole hat, one last passin o the ole baton, one last display of my
    anus. Yep, you heard me. But I can't do that without findin myself a sucksexer. A follower, somone willin and able to spread my message
    and what I stand for so my legsy will be membered. After much soul
    searchin, interviews and reflections, I have found that man. Lemme
    tellya how I did it, fores I tellya who the man is.
    First off, I knew it hadta be somone who disliked books. Fokes, God
    doesn't wantya readin. It's the Garden of Eden after all not the
    Garden of Readin. Books is a source of nuffin but lies, falsehoods, unverifiable frictions, and misinfermations, and a good ole dollop of innuendo on top. No books. So my follower, the carrier of my torch,
    cannot quite obviously be one of them book readin types.
    Second, my follerer, the New Mista Charlie if you will, hasta love and
    admire Yoko. She was John friggin Lennons busbi fer God sakes, and I
    met her and almost touched her. So my foolerer can't be some cotton
    pickin book readin, marijuana abstainin Yoke basher. Awrite? Still
    Now one of my most unique distinguishing charactersticks iffyawill, I
    feel, has always been my macho nature. My take no prisoners
    approach. My forbiddin demeanor, capble of instillin the fear of God
    into any troll. So my sucksexer gotta be macho. Gotta be manly.
    Gotta be able to say "shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck." This ain't the
    time or place for wussies.

    Well fokes, the time has come. Many o you prolly guessd by now.
    But I hereby annoint SEAN CARROL to be my sucksexer.
    Sean, this is an exciting time ferya, as it is fer all of RMB. And
    even fer yours truely, seein you take my baton. I blieve you gots
    whattit takes. And one day, if you stay with it, showing the bravery,
    the machismo, the constant posting, the book hating, the Yoke
    loving...you too will one day haveyer chance tameet the Yoke. Just
    don't try and toucher fer Godsakes! She hates that!
    One day, Sean, you'll be sittin their, sittin right their up on the
    same ole couch with the Yoke. Your jowly cheeks will be flushed, your
    hands sticky with sweat, your lil mini manly member will be pointin skywards...to Heaven. And Sean, always rememeber...
    "Look for me in the sky. I'm a bird. I'm a plane. I'm superman.
    No, wait. I'm a CLOUD. A cotton pickin cloud fer Godsakes!

    You're missed, Chuck. Even if you're in a nursing home today.

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