• Sirhan Sirhan up for parole, could it happen to MDC?

    From super70s@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 3 21:34:35 2021
    Some of you may have been following the case of Robert F. Kennedy's
    assassin Sirhan Sirhan who has passed the first hurdle for being
    paroled, although another factor is none of the prosecutors were present
    at the parole hearing on the orders of California's DA who has strangely ordered them not to attend the parole hearings of anyone.

    The fate of the 77-year-old Sirhan now rests with a review by the full
    parole board in December, then with the governor in January who can
    overrule the decisions of both parole boards. Most of RFK's family
    including widow Ethel oppose parole for Sirhan with the exception of a
    couple of the sons including RFK Jr. (who has weird views on a lot of
    subjects, not just the assassination of his dad).

    One intriguing question this raises is should the notoriety of the
    person assassinated figure into the decision to release him, even if he
    no longer poses no threat to society in the eyes of the government? No
    doubt Yoko, Sean and Julian would oppose parole for Chapman until the
    day they die even if one day he is deemed not a threat by his parole

    One can only imagine the reaction of the Black community if MLK killer
    James Earl Ray had even been considered for parole before he eventually
    died in prison.

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