• Tony King's Advice to John re: Mind Games

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    in her book Loving John, May Pang says that shortly after arriving in Los Angeles in the 70s, she and John had lunch with Apple A&R man Tony King. As May recounts, John stated to Tony that:

    "Yoko and I were very pleased with the way you handled our albums in England. I need your help now. I want to know what to do."

    Tony remained silent.

    "Come on. You can always tell me the truth. I'm famous for it."

    "To be honest, John," Tony finally replied, "you have to do interviews, lots of interviews. You should start doing them now. Between your Rolling Stone interview and your Some Time in New York City album, everybody thinks you're a very angry man.
    That's all you've put out about yourself during the last three years."

    "The public deserves to know that you're okay. You should talk to the press and tell them that you're okay. Let them see you as you really are. You're not angry, you're not a radical. You're an intelligent, sensitive, gentle, caring man -- and
    you're also a musician, not a crusader. That's the message the press should give to the public. When people *like* you, John, they *want* to buy your albums. When they don't like you por are afraid of you or they don't understand where you're coming
    from, they don't want your records in their homes. It's as simple as that."

    -- from Loving John by May Pang

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