• 'If Im Inditted'....a mastapeace poemtry by FaMoUss AmOss..??!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Fri Sep 16 07:06:23 2022
    If Im inditted ther'ell be BIG PROBLEM'S
    Republicums will croll out to DEFEET the dem's

    Im if inditted the'rell be lotsa trubble
    Proud Boy's will come out to storm the capital

    If Im inditted therell be riot's in the street's
    Biden and Harris will conceit duffeat

    If Im inditted there STORM will happen
    Hillery and Pilosi be lock'd in prison

    If Im inditted the there be troubble I warn
    My buddies are perparrin their face paint and buflow horn's!!!

    Best pome ever ritten.


    fAmouss Anus

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