• Re: What did Dhani Harrison major in at Brown?

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    Well...he dances a lot in a Hard Days Night...at the "party" they go
    to...and the little George Shuffle he does during the "concert" at the end.
    George was the least "artsy" Beatle. John & Paul did art & Paul was set on a career teaching English Lit if music didn't work out.
    George, don't forget, was on track to being an electrician. He's the only Beatle from a stable home. John & Paul (blah blah) famously lost their mums, and Ringo's dad deserted the family when he was 3 or 4. But George's mum & dad raised their 4 kids (
    George was the youngest) in what you might call close-to-the-bone-poverty. They never had indoor plumbing. George flirted with the high life, no doubt.

    His life with Pattie Boyd...I love Pattie Boyd. Caught in a love triangle & they both let her down. But she never has said a bad word about George or Clapton. She was happy when George met Olivia.

    And so it makes perfect sense to me that Dhani seems so centered. Olivia & George did a good job.

    I love/loved George. What has bothered me are his later remarks, so bitter, about not getting his due and hating the Beatles part of his life. I get it. It must have been very hard to hang around with John & Paul. George put out his triple album post-
    Beatles with everything he'd been saving up, and some of it is really great. But he was never the kind of songwriter the Nurk Twins were.

    But I dare you to look at the earliest Beatles footage and not see that George is having blast.

    For the record, my most favorite song of all time, not just Beatles, is "Here Comes The Sun." It is a perfect song.

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    Does anyone know what Dhani Harrison majored in at Brown University?
    Man, does he ever look like his father! Must have been a very bright
    chap to get into that school! I'm sure his father's money didn't
    hurt. But a bright chap, just the same.
    So, what was Dhani's major at brown?

    Apparently he studied industrial design and physics.

    He's sporting a new, Anthony Keidis sort of look.

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