• SPECIAL MASTA....by the GeNIuss Famuss Amos

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 10 08:22:28 2022
    The Special Masta gonna site with Trump
    Joe Biden gunna fall widda thump

    The Special Masta cummin SOON ya know
    Hel'l return them boxes to Marillaggo

    The Special Masta like you or me
    He gonna bollish Nancy Pulosdi

    The Special Masta will imprison them cop's
    The Special Masta reads all the news drops

    The Special Masta will make libs Bawll
    The Special Masta will expose the CABBAL

    THE Special Masta is cummin real soon
    He is in love with Kim Jung oon!on!!

    If the Special masta is a ruling quite odd
    The Special MASTA was odored by GOD

    THE Special Masta Is Putins Frien
    He gonna make Trump president alien

    The Special masta makes all the Lin's Crye
    He will Abolitch the FBI!!!

    FaMOUss AmOS genious of poetry

    STABLE genious

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