• SPecial Masta ...BRILIANT POWM BY FaMOUS aMOS...

    From RJKellog@yahoo.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 10 08:03:49 2022
    The special MASTA gonna side with Trump
    Joe Biden gunnar fall widda 'Thump'!

    The special Masta cummin soon you know
    He'll return them boxes to Marillago!

    The special Masta gonna reinstate our man
    This is what the GOOD LOURD has planned

    The special MASTA just like you and me
    He wanna slotta Nancy Pellosi

    The Special Mastas all Powafull
    He gonna lead the stroking of the capital

    The Special Masta makes Trump reborn
    He ward's face paint and Buffalo horns

    The special MASTA GONNQ let Trump win
    The Special MASTA ADMIRE'S PUTIN!!!

    BY THE GENIOUS famous AnusS!!@!!!

    .Best poetry of ALL TIME

    FaMOUSs aMUsS

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