• Riot's In The Street's!! A Briliant Poem by fAmOuS aMoS

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 31 07:10:11 2022
    Trump is gonna be presdent again
    Or there will be riotin amongg men

    Obamma he must be scent to Guantimo
    Or there be riotin don't YOU know?

    The boxe's must be RETURNED to Trumps abode
    Or their be riotin in the rode

    Bidens son must be covid in the news
    Or Pence gotta git strange'd in a nuse

    The boxe's must be return to Marillago
    Ore their be riot'in everwhere you go

    The boxes must be return and stuff reel full
    Or were gunna STORM the capital

    Hillary gonna get locked up soon
    Or their be riotin on the moon

    The democrat's ALL must conceit duffeat
    Or there be riotin IN THE STREET'S!!

    Genious. Utta genious. By I the MASTA fAmOuS AmOs

    Law and odor is my middle name!!

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