• Cynthia Didn't Recognize Yoko As a Threat

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    Cynthia Lennon: It was a period of great change in John's life. He didn't know which direction he was going to take. It was chosen for him anway.

    Mike Wallace: By?

    CL: Well, by the meeting with Yoko. That was it.

    MW, Voice-Over: Cynthia says that it was after an acid trip that John first met Yoko Ono at a London art gallery and became intrigued by her art.

    CL: That was the first contact. And then we had a few letters from Yoko asking for help, you know, with her cause and her art, and then it just...

    MW: And you were not suspicious?

    CL: [Sighs] It's very hard to be suspicious under those circumstances. John was surrounded at that time by very weird people.

    MW: So she was just another nutty person?

    CL: Well, at the time, yes.

    -- from the 60 Minutes program "The Two Mrs. Lennons"

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