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    There is a lot more history between the author and the Mollands than you obviously
    know about. The author represents the estates of Ham and Evans. The book is primarily told from the perspective and bias of the families and friends of the Ham
    and Evans estates. While writing his book Matovina sent out letters insinuating Joe
    and Mike Gibbins were claiming song writing credit to "Without You" and were wrongly receiving royalties from said song. Imagine you went through a messy divorce and your ex-spouse's attorney were to write a book about your marriage.
    That's what the Badfinger book is! I could write a book telling the exact same
    story but with a completely different spin on it. The problem is I couldn't get the
    Ham and Evans estates to support me while writing it.
    In the twenty five years I have been active with the band, I have never heard anyone that knew Joe say anything bad about him. On the other hand, there is another member who everyone seemed to dislike when he was alive but love now that
    he's dead ("Everyone loves you when you're six foot in the ground")
    I hope you don't take my response as hostile, but it always annoys me when people
    only see things as black and white. We're all Jesus and we're all Hitler. Please elaborate, what stories are you referring and who are the people backing
    them up?
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    No offense but, I just got done reading "Without You, The Tragic Story of >>Badfinger," and a birthday greeting is the last thing I'd like to wish >>Molland.

    Yeah, I know. I felt the same way, and I used to like Joey a lot, met him >several times. But the face he puts on for fans is most likely a mask. >Trace

    To see if I could find out anything more, I've visited a few Badfinger websites, and read Kathie and Joey Molland's defense against the book and incidents mentioned.

    Seems anyone who doesn't agree with them is out to get them. They seem to think
    the author had a vendetta against them because they wouldn't be interviewed for
    the book, yet there are plenty of other people who back up stories told. The
    Mollands make it seem like the only people present for anything were them and
    the other members of the band, and anything anyone else says is speculation.

    And ... rightfully so for the estates to shut you down on your "book."

    No one in their right mind, especially the ones who represent the artists and their important legacy, wants to support gossip "books" like yours. You already proved this with your BS remark that no one loved one guy in this band until he died. How
    disgusting. You had a vendetta all along!

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