• I Bought ans returned the Introducing The Beatles LP -- Counterfeit --

    From Pluted Pup@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 18 10:18:04 2022
    So I bought a Vee Jay Introducing The Beatles LP from a record store,
    though I already suspected a counterfeit by the bad printing on the
    front of the record cover, despite it not having Please Please Me. I
    only listened to the first track I Saw You Standing There for a few
    seconds and then I promptly returned it for a full refund from the
    record store. It was terrible sound quality, sounding so thin. I've
    read that the real Vee Jay LPs had better sound quality than the
    Capitol Meet The Beatles.

    I'll guess the bad reputation of the album is because it was never
    reprinted since it was banned by Capitol in 1964, and is now mainly
    known from the bad sound quality of fifty years of counterfeits
    starting in the 1970s.

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