• 'Lets Fight the FBI!...a poem by the GENIOUS fAmuss Amos???

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 16 08:25:58 2022
    Lets fight the FBI they raided Trumps place
    Biden will soon resine in desgrase
    Lets' fight the FBI they rate Trumps propitee
    Justiss is soon comin for the 1--6 comittee
    Lets fight the FBI there Gazpacho Police
    Putin is the MASTA when it come's to keep'n PEACE
    Lets fighte the FBI they rated Marliggo
    Biden will soon find hisself locked up in Guantimo
    Lets fght the FBI they planted ebidense
    Lets mall Pelosi and HAND Mike Pents
    Lets fight the FBI , its the Land of the Free
    Lets replates them bastit's with the KBG!!
    Lets fite the FBI get geeked out in your geer
    Trumps reinstatemint grow's EVER MORE NERE

    Is that the bess poem ever writen or what? Eat your hurt out all other so called 'poets'!! /your nko mash for the famuss one....
    and only...
    FaMoUs AnuS

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