• Tequila, Coke, & Elephant's Memory

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    "Work on the 'Sometime in New York City' album was followed by the recording of a double Elephant's Memory album before Ono's 'Approximately Infinite Universe' was committed to tape. 'I came into the studio at the end of the recording sessions for '
    Sometime in New York City,' [Bob] Gruen recalls of his photographic role,' 'but they were in there for almost a year doing the Elephants' and Yoko's album.' As Gruen remembers, a considerable amount of tequila was enjoyed during protracted recording
    sessions. 'There were months and months of nights in the studio, so there was a lot of drinking.' He also told Philip Norman: "There'd be maybe ten bottles of tequila between eight people -- and that was every night. Then after working in the studio,
    we'd go out drinking. We'd have more shots of tequila.'"

    "[Engineer Roy] Cicala claims a huge quantity of 'that mirror stuff' was consumed too. 'To hear Roy talk, you'd think we were drunk and stoned the whole night,' [Elephant's Memory bassist] Van Scyoc laughs. 'That's not the way we were. We were a
    party band, but we couldn't have been that out there and played that kind of stuff. If you'd already laid down a track, then you smoked a joint or had a couple of extra shots of tequila. But not before you took care of business. It was *after* you had
    your parts done.' Van Scyoc insists that it was Lennon's notorious drunken weaknesses presented more of a problem than any group indulgences did. 'John didn't hold his liquor well, that was his problem. But it was blown out of proportion because he
    was a Beatle.'"

    -- from Come Together: Lennon & McCartney in the Seventies, by Richard White

    *Ten* bottles of tequila between eight people and large quantities of cocaine? No; they were not waiting till their parts had been recorded before starting in. I've heard the music, for one thing.

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