• Dennis Wilson, Gregg Jakobson, Terry Melcher -- and Manson

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 28 14:26:05 2022
    In response to the Manson discussion in the "Getting The Riff Stage" thread, I want to mention that each member of the trio of stars -- Wilson, Jakobsen, and Melcher -- who called themselves "The Golden Penetrators" gave Manson multiple opportunities to
    audition or record in one way or another. Wilson arranged for Manson to record at the Beach Boys' studio, for example -- where his brother Brian wisely (even in his LSD-damaged state) kept his distance. (The studio had to be aired out after the
    unhygenic Manson had left.) Terry Melcher and Gregg Jakobson both made multiple trips to Spahn ranch to ponder Manson's work.

    They could see that *something* was there; they just weren't sure what it was.

    After Manson & his group were convicted of the Tate/LaBianca murders, the GPs understandably went out of their way to distance themselves from Manson ("He didn't have a musical bone in his body," Wilson eventually said), but each of them had spent time
    with and been intrigued by little Charlie.

    My sources are the fairly recent Jeff Guin and Greg King books.

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