• "I think you're daft."

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    Paul McCartney: As far as I was concerned, yeah, I would have preferred for the Beatles never to have broken up. I wanted to get us back on the road doing small places then move up to our previous form and then go and play. Just make music, and
    whatever else there was would be secondary. But it was John who didn't want to. He told Allen Klein the new manager that he and Yoko had picked late one night that he didn't want to continue.

    Linda: And Allen said to John, "Don't tell the othes." I don't know if we dare tell this.

    Paul: Yeah, I don't know how much of this we're allowed to say, but Allen said, "Don't tell them until after we sign your new Capitol Records deal."

    Linda: I don't know if we're allowed...

    Paul: It's the truth, folks.

    Linda: It's the truth.

    Paul: Even if it can't be said, we'll say it. It's the truth. So it was the very next morning that I was trying to say, "Let's get back together, guys, and play the small clubs and.." Thats when John said...

    Linda: His exact words were "I think you're daft."

    -- from the McCartneys' 1984 Playboy interview

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