• John Recounts His UFO Experience (Seaman)

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    In his book The Last Days of John Lennon, Frederic Seaman states that Julian Lennon visited his father for a vacation in Palm Beach in 1979.

    "One night," Seaman writes, "when we were sitting by the pool, John saw a light in the sky and began speculating excitedly about the possibility that it might be a UFO. He stared at the light for a while, then talked animatedly about a sighting he had
    had in early August of 1974, during the period when he had left Yoko and was living with May Pang. 'I was watching the sunset from a window overlooking the East River when I suddenly noticed this large shiny object slowly moving south against the
    Brooklyn skyline. At first I thought, "It's the cops!" -- because I'd seen a police helicopter whizzing around earlier. But then it struck me that this thing was gliding over the river without making a sound!"

    "John said he stared out the window, transfixed by the mysterious object, while he frantically worked through all the rational explanations he could think of -- none of which fit. 'While I was busy trying to rationalize what it could be, in my gut I
    already knew.' He said the hair on the back of his neck stood up. 'But my mind was still fighting it, so I called May, shouting, 'Come over here! Look at this fuckin' thing! At first she thought I was putting her on, but then she saw it, too.' John
    said that he had rushed up to the roof and had watched as the object melted into the Brooklyn skyline. 'I was so disappointed,' he laughed. 'I kept shouting, "Over here! Take me with you! I'm ready to go!'"

    "John had no doubt that he had seen a real vehicle from another world. He speculated that the lone UFO was part of a fleet stationed in upstate New York, near the reservoirs and power plants, from whch the craft could siphon energy to counteract the
    Earth's gravitational pull. 'UFOs were probably responsible for the last blackout,' he said. 'It's possible they drained off too much juice from Con Ed all at once.' He also suspected that there was a high-level conspiracy to cover up verifiable UFO
    sightings and close encounters with aliens. 'If the masses started to accept UFOs, it would profoundly affect their attitudes towards life, politics, everything.' he explained. 'It would threaten the status quo.' He added that whenever people came to
    realize that there were larger considerations than their own petty little lives, they were ripe to make radical changes on a personal level, which would eventually lead to a political revolution in society as a whole."

    -- from The Last Days of John Lennon

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