• "Welcome to the Beatles-verse" (Silly Boston Globe Article)

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    Director Peter Jackson scored with his Disney+ docu-series "The Beatles: Get Back," which is nominated for five Emmys, including outstanding nonfiction series. His three-parter about the waning days of the Fab Four was so successful he is currently
    potting another project with the surviving Beatles , "something very, very different from 'Get Back,'" he recently told Deadline.

    What could it be? It's easy to imagine a world spun out of the Beatles, just as the entertainment industry has continued to find new ways into "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter." The Beatles-verse could become, like the upcoming sequels to "Game of Thrones,
    " an Intellectual Property bonanza, only blessed with the spirit of George Martin rather than George R.R. Martin. It would be a media franchise. Picture this, if you will, and please keep all groaning to a minimum.

    [Snip of suggestions on the themes of "Day Tripper" and "Eleanor Rigby"]

    "Daed si Luap." In this mystery docu-series, a group of QAnon followers take on the case of Paul McCartney, who has definitely been missing in action since 1966, when he definitely died in a car crash. In their quest for the not-fake truth, they go
    deep on a host of clues, not just the phrase "Paul is dead" when you spin "I'm So Tired" backwards, but Paul's bare feet on the cover of Abbey Road, and the undeniable fact that he was buried in a coffin of 100% Norwegian Wood."

    -- quoted from Matthew Gilbert's Sunday Buzzsaw column

    Yeah, but the "Paul is Dead" stuff is silly and fun whereas the Q-Anon crap is for people who are dangerously delusional.

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