• Leslie Anthony on Yoko's Pursuit of John

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    "It all started by her saying she wanted John to help her with art shows. He didn't want to know. In fact, the funny thing was that at the beginning he couldn't stand the sight of her.

    "That first day she clung to his arm while he went round the exhibition, talking away to him in her funny little high-pitched voice until he fled. She came tripping out after him into St. James, and begged to come along to the studios where we were
    about to record.

    "'Sorry,' he said, hopping into the car and quick. 'But we're too busy.'"

    "I'll say one thing for Yoko. She wasn't easy to put off. A few days later she turned up at the studios where the Beatles were working and conned her way in. [Snip of comments about Yoko's butt movie.] Anyway, over those first three weeks, it got so
    that John couldn't move without her bobbing up at his elbow, wearing her scruffy slacks and a sweater and her hair hanging all over her face.

    "The security guards at the EMI Studios used to joke that she was practically chaining herself to the railings and John was always groaning about what a pest she was. But nothing put her off."

    -- from "How Yoko Got John" by Lennons driver Les Anthony

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