• Dinna on the WALL...mastapeace pome by FaMoUs AmOs!!!!///!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 14 12:37:34 2022
    Trumps comin back yes, Biden will fall
    But furst lemme throw my dinna on the wall
    Agenst the Lib's and Rhyno's theirs gonna be a browl
    But first I gonna throwe my dinna on the WALL
    Werkin with Q to espose the CABAL
    Thats whye I throw my dinna on the wall
    Ho'wd I lurn ketchip can be a coverall??
    Becuz I THREW my dinna on the wall!!!!

    Every prebius 'poet' has just been putt to chame!!!

    fAmOuS aNuS

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