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    Seeing as we've discussed the best screaming, what about this other singing "style" - who was the best at falsetto? There are plenty of good examples in the Beatles catalogue (the Whooos in She Loves You) - as well as the occasional awful example (Tell Me Why?)..

    I vote for Tiny Tim in Tiptoe Through the Tulips...oh wait, he wasn't
    a Beatle, never mind :) I think one of my favorites is one of the Beatles Christmas records where John is impersonating at least one
    voice of Jasper and Potchy. And there is this fade out where these
    two imaginary characters are trying to memorize "matches and
    candles". One voice is very low saying "Matches" and the high
    pitched voice says "Candles" as the piece fades out, and I have
    wondered if John did both voices. The other one I really like is
    "You know my name, look up the number". I am still guessing as to
    which Beatle did which voice, but I think Paull did Denis O~Dell.

    Here is Jasper and Potchy--I think it is Paul and John now that I hear
    it again


    Those Beatles and their funny voices!! They really wanted to make
    people laugh and just enjoy the season

    i have a good ear for timbre so i always know who is singing (except
    for the aaaaah in A Day In The Life, you know)
    although i have an awful ear for harmony and melodies.

    it's obvious that Paul can sing higher than John, but the question is
    about who have a best falsetto or who do you like most doing falsetto voice.
    the answer.. i don't know.. i like lennon doing falsetto in In My
    Life.. and i like Paul doing his doo's in Mother Nature's Song.
    my vote goes for John, cos the colour of his voice changed completely
    when he's doing falsetto and he gets a real pleasant timbre.
    My favourite bit is probably in Sun King, very smooth - and it's John,
    of course.
    John's falsetto in HIAWG (white album) is a classic.

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