• Re: FBI Informants on R.M.B. - 11th rev.

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    On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:02:36 -0400, Susan <susan...@verizon.net>

    I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but grew up in Binger.
    Do I know you Lizz?

    Nah. By the time I lived in OKC you were long gone to the Big Leagues.
    I can't remember if I've been to Binger--been to nearly every little
    town in Oklahoma for some reason or another during my life, so they
    all run together--but I know the homefolks are proud of you, boy.
    Third in line for most runs by a catcher is not too shabby.
    Thank you very much.
    But do you like the Beatles?
    Love 'em!!

    Lizz 'send me straight to heaven, for I've done my time in Oklahoma
    City' Holmans

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    On Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 12:36:38 PM UTC-4, Salvadorwriter wrote:
    A reliable source advised me that Johnny Dupe is in
    fact a real person who lives in Wisconsin. Consequently,
    I have put his name back on the list.
    I also learned some new information about Ian Hammond.
    See comments.
    1. Mister Charlie
    Real name: Charlie Gauger
    1890-B W Edmonston Ave.
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    Age: Roughly 50-to-55
    Charlie Gauger uses several aliaes/screen names:
    - "SalvadorDolly" salvad...@butterfly.net
    - dna...@aol.com (DNA FBI)
    - Anonymous Sender anon...@remailer.metacolo.com
    - Shemp richar...@excite.com
    Gauger has access to influential people in Hollywood,
    like Clint Eastwood, for example.
    Here's a photo of Charlie Gauger and Clint Eastwood. http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/canvas/103/img/mc_clint.jpg
    Charlie's picture is on my website at the following
    2. Ian Hammond (the Musicologist)
    (screen name: Paramucho)
    AGE: About 50
    www.beethoven.com under the business name
    of Marlin Broadcasting, LLC. Marlin Broadcasting
    also owns and operates radio stations WCCC-FM
    and WTMI-AM in Hartford, CT and WBOQ-FM in
    Gloucester, MA.
    NOTE: Hammond claims to be a musical expert
    on the Beatles, and his postings on
    rec.music.beatles indicate that he knows quite
    a bit about music; however, close questioning
    by Mr. Astucia revealed that Hammond's knowledge
    of the Beatles is only superficial. For example,
    Hammond slipped up--in an exchange with
    Astucia--and accidentally admitted he didn't
    know George Harrison used a Gretsch guitar.
    His picture is on my website at the following
    3. Johnny Dupe jweb...@new.rr.com
    Reportedly lives in Wisconsin.
    4. Teddy Hennessy
    5. Susan the mouthy broad
    6. Rynosseros
    7. Mike Constantine
    8. Poisoned Rose
    9. Ehtue
    10. Black Monk
    12. Willie Nelson
    13. Dale Houstman
    13. Dyuob Poltice
    14. Brilton
    15. Stephen X. Carter (I wonder what the X
    stands for?)
    16. Steven Wandy
    Defended NYC Medical Examiners'
    current position of refusing to
    release John Lennon's autopsy report
    for public inspection. Wandy provided
    fake credentials to r.m.b, claiming
    to be a licensed Funeral Director in
    NYC. Then he made several authoritative,
    albeit condescending, remarks about
    how the state of New York has the
    right to withhold autopsy reports
    from the public. It was all a lie.

    Salvador Astucia, author of the following books:
    - "Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Stars"; and - "Opium Lords: Israel, the Golden Triangle, and the Kennedy Assassination". http://www.jfkmontreal.com

    If the OP is still around, he's probably a Q-anon nut. A paranoid schizophrenic, in other words.

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