• Ringo Remembers Keith Moon (1989)

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    "He was brilliant as a drummer. It was hard fo me to think of any other drummer for the Who; he was such an integral part of the madness and musicianship of the Who. They needed a four-arme madman to play with the band in those days 'cause their energy
    level was so high. And his personal energy level was higher than most people I've ever known.

    "In the end I had to stop Keith buying me presents because I'd always get the bill! 'I don't want anything else from you, Keith, because I'm tired of paying it!' But he'd go, 'Now, I've got you this, dear boy, hah, you need this!' 'Great, thanks a lot.
    " And the next week I'd get the bloody bill!

    "One time, after the Who had been on the road, this huge Rolls pulls up in the middle of Berkeley Street in London. Keith comes out dressed as an American policeman, and he's carrying this huge stuffed panda bear up to my office. He's gotten a full
    Chicago policeman's uniform from some policeman; he was very good at that sort of stuff.

    "We found it hard to play drums with each other [on Dark Side of the Moon] because his timing was a little erratic. In the end I put my drums on tape, then he put his drums on.

    "I was in America when he died. We were all doing the same thing to our health; that seemed to be the course we were on in those years. Some of us stopped and some of us didn't. I think it was pure accident with Keith, because he had the constitution
    of a horse.

    "He was a wonderful human being. The image of Keith is purely as a madman but he had a real big soul, and was really kind to people. He wasn't always crazy. He was a lovely guy."

    Ringo Starr, quoted in July 1989


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