• Re: Paul is Dead Thing (What's up with this??)

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    I know this has probably been done to death (no pun...) but I just
    read R. Gary Patterson's book The Walrus Was Paul , which told me
    nothing I hadn't heard before and a lot of BS I didn't need to know.
    That said, did anyone ever really look at the Tussaud wax dummies of
    the "early" Beatles?? They supposedly borrowed them for the shoot. But...don't they look very sad. Paul is standing there looking down
    with a consoling hand on Ringo's shoulder. The others look similarly
    strange. That is NOT the wax figure's expressions from the original
    wax dummies. They were altered.

    So I'm convinced they did plant all this stuff and leak it to the
    press when it was time (Abbey Road's release).What do you think???
    btw, if you're gonna write who gives a shit...don't bother.

    Paul really is Dead and John actualy is allive and has been spoted and even photograffed buksing in New Yorke's subway's....

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