• John and Yoko Prior To Getting Their Origins Myth Straight, 1969

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    John: I knew the guy who ran the [Indica] gallery, y'see, and he'd tell me when somethin' was worth seein.'

    Yoko: John asked me if he could hammer one of the nails of the 'Hammer A Nail' piece in. I decided that people should pay five shillings to hammer each nail. But when the gallery owner told John he had to pay, he stopped a moment and asked if he could
    just hammer an imaginary nail! It was fantastic! That is what my at is about. It was my game. The two of us were playing the same game. I didn't know who he was. And when I found out, I didn't care. I mean, in the art world, a Beatle is...well,
    you know. Also, he was in a suit. He looked so *ordinary*.

    John: I was *not*! I was in a highly unshaved and tatty state. I was up three nights. I was always up in those days, trippin'. I was stoned. I wasn't in a suit. It's disgustin', taking me for a clean-cut lad.

    Yoko: Okay, I take it back.

    -- from Betty Rollin's Look Magazine article, "Lennon/Ono Inc."

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