• "I Was Getting Very Famous" -- Yoko

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    "I was getting very famous," Yoko reminds us. "My career was going well, but my husband and I were fighting about who would answer the phone. He wanted always to answer the phone so he would be into everything. I always thought of him as my assistant,
    you see. But he wanted it to be like Judith Malina and her husband [of the Living Theater]. He wanted it to be both of us. You see, *then* all I wanted was someone who would be into my work. I needed a producer. The thing about being in love" -- she
    looks at John sideways with a fishy little smile -- "it takes so much time. The work suffers. I am not working enough now."

    "What do ya mean!" yelps John, sitting up as if he'd been goosed. "It's never been *easier* for you to work. Because if no one else will produce what you do, *I* will."

    -- from Betty Rollins' 1969 Look Magazine article

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