• I suport Perdue....by Famous *genious" Amos..!!#

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 24 10:44:03 2022
    Lemme tell you folks why I support Perfew
    He got Trum'ps endorsemint that's all ya need ta knew
    Everybuddy Otta be supporting Perdew
    Stacey Abram's make's ya sick, gives ya the Flue
    Alla us Otta be sporting Perdew
    He's a gonna wing this thing I Herddit from Q
    Stacey Abram's ain't from arro7nd heeya
    She blong's in the dessit hunting wile bores with speey'as.
    Stacey Abram's otta go back home
    Where they live in egglue's an the ellfince Rome
    Hollwood's fulla cable's an Stalinist's
    If she goes ta Hollywoot she neva be mist
    When Stacey Abram's tock's it's hard ta upstand
    I feel she got a cocktail, she rilly a MAN

    fAmOuS AmOs

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