• Lets Suppourt Docta Oz!!@@ by Famous stable Genious Amus

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Tue May 24 10:54:38 2022
    Let's all Support Docta Oz with anga an force
    He's a gonna wing this thing cuz he got Trumps endourse
    Let's all support Docta Oz with hammers an mallit's
    Don't turn your back on Biden he will steel your ballit's
    Lets's all sport Docta Oz with Dourthy an Totow
    Hel'l be a fine Senta, this ain't Kansis no mo
    Let's all spoke Docta Oz just like the feelers lyin
    Because because because because with Trump well be complyin
    Let's all spoke Docta Oz give the man a shot
    Let's all spoke Docta Oz, he'll fine the Tin Mans' hot
    Let's all spoke Docta Odds he knows corvids a Hokes
    Let's all sport Docta Odds the man's a descent bloke
    Let's all spoke Docta Odds he got wisdum ta teach
    Well celibate his VICTREE by snorti'n up some bleach!!!

    Famous Virchoso Genious Amos

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