• McCartney in the NYT, 1973

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    Although the Beatles dissolved as a singing group more than three years ago, the financial dissolution of the group's music empire has been held up by lawsuits and disagreements. Mr. McCartney said that all disagreements between the former musical
    partners had been resolved and settlement papers would probably be signed in January.

    However, he noted that suits by the Beatles against former manager Allen Klein and countersuits against them would probably tie up much of the funds -- reportedly amounting to between $9 million and $20 million -- for years to come.

    "There was a bad smell when we first broke up, about Allen Klein and the money," he added. "But that seems to be resolving itself now, and we could really get something good together musically in the near future."

    -- from the Dec. 26, 1973 New York Times

    Lennon had also become open to the possibility of some sort of Beatles reunion after arriving in LA, and remained so after the release of Walls & Bridges in fall of 1974.

    I'm also struck by how by both Paul and John use "bad smell" metaphors with regards to Klein:

    "Your teeth are clean, but your mind is capped/And you leave your smell like an alleycat." -- From Lennon's musical attack on Klein, "Steel and Glass."

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