• Bird's Are'nt Real....by famuos amos...!!!+!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 4 10:33:53 2022
    Bird's are'nt real, there gubbermint drones
    Jimmy Kimel been replaced by a clone
    Bird's are'nt real, there spieng on me
    Unda the fetha's there machinerie
    Bird's are'nt real wetha small are large
    On teliphone wire's they recharge
    Bird's are'nt real in the sky our on your lon
    They repot back to the Pentragon
    Bird's are'nt real wetha cadged or strey
    They was manyafackshid by the CIA
    BIRD'S are'nt real there remote controled
    Mista Burn's program's them to do as there tolled
    Why does sessimie street have Big Bird
    To branewatch our chewdwins, make there mind altered
    Why did Dawn Henlie call his band the EAGULLS?
    To send popperganders into your skulls
    Bird's are'nt real They control all your that's
    Bird's are'nt real there minyitcha robots

    fAmOuS AmOS...Staple genius of RB.m

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