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    On Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 12:16:16 PM UTC-4, Mistah Charlie wrote:
    Fokes, in his Playboy interview, which is his own words, straight from
    his own mouth, sittin beside the woman (mutha to his chile, insprashim
    to his songs, masta to his pupil) he dearly loved, John has lotsa
    wondafull momints. Like my all time fave, "Fuck you brotha and
    sista!!" But theirs lotsa other good ones...like the one where he
    esposes Darwan as a fake and a frod. "We din't come from no goddam
    monkeys!!! We came from FISH!!" so much fer firkin science!! Them's
    John's words and that's IT.
    So the question then becomes, What KIND of freakin fish did we come
    from?? What kind o fish did YOU usta be?? If we was cat's, it would
    be easy. Cuz they usta be catfish. And dogs usta be dogfish
    naturaly. But last time ole MC checkered, their was no such friggin
    THING as a goddam MANFISH!! (Annif their was, I sure as heck never
    cottim. Cuz like, if I caught a fish, and then he start talkin to me
    in English, I'd ploppim back in the ole goddang drink!! I'd say "Your
    off the hook lil buddy. Now go forf and ebolbe. Mebbe next time I
    see's ya, ya'll be a fully blowed man, with two dicks and a cock!!)
    Anyways, I been wondrin and thinkin, what kind o fish did I usta be??
    Then it donned on me. I musta been a Big Mouth Bass!! Cuz, as you
    can see from how offins I post, I got one helluva big freakin mouth!!
    And why bass?? Well, cuz it rhymes with ass, and as you can prolly
    imagines, I got myself one great big wobbly ass but. Also as you may
    or may not know, I love the Yoke, and she got quite a biggole dumpy
    pair o buttocks herself.
    Nuff said

    Whatever happened to this loveable village idiot?

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