• John Recounts 1978 Experiences in Hong Kong (John Green)

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    Yoko is known to have taken up the practice of sending her cohorts on "directional trips" in the 1970s. (See "The Private Years" by Chet Flippo.) Her tarot card reader, John Green, admits in his book Dakota Days that he embarked on such a round-the-
    world excursion. Upon returning from one of *his* directional trips, John Lennon described some of his experiences to Green. This particular trip occurred in 1978, and included a stop in Hong Kong. Green attributes the following statements to Lennon:

    "So at first I stayed in my rooms. Sound familiar? I kept to my rooms and delved into my favorite subject: me. I played this game with myself in Hong Kong. I started taking off different layers of myself as if they were layers of clothing and
    setting them out about the room. I imagined my different subpersonalities as sort of ghostly forms. I would lie there listening to the radio and wait till one of my other selves came up and took control. Then I would project it, see it sitting in a
    chair or standing by the door and talking to me. There were rules to this little game. Wherever I placed one of these ghosts, that's where he had to stay. Hanging on a hook in the closet, draped over the dresser, wherever. I kept them there for days.
    It was like creating my own haunted house."

    "Every time I had successfully peeled off another layer I would go in and take a bath. After every bath I would take another drink. The baths were to help me relax, but they were also a test. If I found I couldn't emotionally handle being in the
    water and had to jump right out of the tub again, then I knew I hadn't got that last layer off successfully."

    "I don't mind telling you that there were some very scary moments. Every little sound and shadow seemed twenty times louder and a hundred times larger. I was exposing myself and I was afraid that someone, that invisible, unknown someone, maybe my
    long-absent father, would come storming into the room and I would die of fright."

    [End of excerpt.]

    According to Green, Lennon said that, after three days of this, he ventured into the streets -- only to find some of his selves waiting for him at various spots in the city. They would "jump back into" him. He eventually returned to his hotel, grabbed
    his suitcase, said to his remaining selves, "Okay, let's go," and proceeded on to Bangkok.

    -- Quoted and Summarized from Dakota Days, by John Green

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